AGILE - Leading ICT Provider to Public Sector

Agile is providing National Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) to National ministries of Education. Agile also provides Examinations Registration and Results Publication Systems (using web and mobile technologies)to National Examinations Councils, School Administration Management Systems to improve School Management, MIS solutions for hospitals and the Health Ministry and other innovative solutions for the Public Sector Read more..

Success stories

  • “Our national EMIS Solution Provider is the Agile Learning Company,” Director of Planning, Policy & Capacity Building. Read more..
  • “Agile’s SAMS solution will most thoroughly address the issue of data management.” Deputy Permanent Secretary Read more..
  • “We have decided to move forward with the implementation” Permanent Secretary Read more..

Agile Solutions Offerings

Agile Selected for Tanzania and Zanzibar Schools Implementation.

Agile Learning Company selected to participate in Tanzania 21st Century Basic Education Program.


  • Agile Selected by Uganda Ministry of Education to commence implementation of school mapping program in over 4,000 schools Read more..
  • Agile Education Management Information System (EMIS) and SEMIS (School EMIS) offered on the Cloud Read more..
  • Mtwara (Tanzania) Regional Education Head Office commences usage of the Agile Regional EMIS Read more..
  • Tanzania MOEVT Minister of Education, Deputy Permanent Secretary complete Orientation and Training session Read more..
  • Agile Completes Implementation of EMIS II program for Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports, all Ministry Affiliate Organizations Read more..