The Agile Learning Company

The Agile Learning Company is a pre-eminent provider of ICT solutions and technical assistance to the public sector. Agile Learning has over a decade of experience in the developing world, and the company has been recognized by entities such as UNDP (an Agile Partner) as having developed “the most innovative ICT solutions for the public sector”. The company’s integrated Education Management Information System (EMIS), has been selected by Microsoft as a “Best Practices ICT Solution for Governments”. Agile Learning Company currently serves in various projects as Prime Contractor and Sub-Contractor for EMIS localization and configuration, decentralization, installation and training, support and capacity building for national EMIS programs funded and supported by the development partner community, as well as funded bilaterally by host governments (Ministries of Education).

The company’s staff has experience as project directors, project managers, training managers, national consultants for the assessment and implementation of public-sector ICT solutions for clients in the U.S., Africa, India and the Middle East.

Agile’s Technology Team includes those who have developed:

• National Management Information Systems for Public Sector Enterprises, including Education Management Information Systems;
• GIS Systems for Public Sector institutions and Private Sector entities in Real Estate and other industries;
• MIS applications integrated with mobile, cell-phone and SMS technology;
• Web-based and Computer-based training solutions for the Private and Public Sector in Africa, Europe, India and the U.S;
• International ICT tracking systems for U.S. Fortune 500 companies;
• Educational content web portals for Microsoft and other entities;
• Development of Health MIS solutions used in Health institutions in India;
• Development of databases and MIS solutions for Judiciary, Poverty M&E Systems.

Agile’s Technical Assistance Team includes:

• Former heads of national agency directorates responsible for the development and management of systemic reform programs in education and health;
• Recognized experts in the field of mental health and child development in the U.S.;
• Former staff members of leading international NGO’s providing services in the areas of education, national programs for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s), and other critical service areas in Africa;
• Those responsible for implementing national ICT educational training projects for Ministries of Education and other Public Sector Ministries;
• Those responsible for monitoring and auditing data collection projects for national implementations in health and education;
• Those who have served as lead consultants to government agencies and leading NGO’s in performing Needs Assessments related to the improvement of National Education Management Information Systems and Health Management Information Systems;
• Those who have served as consultants to government agencies in the harmonization and M&E of programs related to strengthening the capacity of national HIV/AIDs Councils, and other health related organizations such as the Red Cross Society;
• Those who have successfully developed Public Private Partnerships between Inter-Governmental Organizations/ International Financial Institutions and respective governments in West, East and Central Africa.

Agile Solutions Offerings

Agile Selected for Tanzania and Zanzibar Schools Implementation.

Agile Learning Company selected to participate in Tanzania 21st Century Basic Education Program.


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