Rwanda Testimonials

“The Rwanda NEPAD Secretariat wishes to state that the NEPAD e-Schools Project has provided a significant benefit to Rwanda, in that, through the activities of the project, the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) was able to become aware of Agile Learning’s innovative ICT administration and management system. Through Agile’s activities in the NEPAD project as part of the Cisco and Microsoft consortiums, and the relationship that Agile developed with Mineduc, Mineduc made the decision to have Agile develop, provide the training and implement the National Education Management Information System (EMIS). The National EMIS system is the backbone for school, district and national administration and management, monitoring and evaluation and strategic planning for all education activities in Rwanda. There is nothing like a success story to validate a project. Congratulations to the e-Africa Commission/NEPAD Secretariat for your efforts in the project and your success in bringing critical solution providers to NEPAD active countries, and congratulation to the Cisco, Microsoft consortiums and Agile Learning for your efforts here in Rwanda.”

Charles Gasana
Executive Secretary
Rwanda NEPAD Secretariat
Office of the President Republic of Rwanda

“Our national EMIS Solution Provider is the Agile Learning Company, a recognized innovator in public sector management information systems. Agile is also highly recognized for their training and building capacity in ICT in education. For our implementation, Critical School Data from 2 separate districts was input into Agile’s system for electronic linkage to districts and ministry; no alteration, improvement or enhancements were made to our current ICT infrastructure in order to carry out the data linkage. School heads and district managers were selected and trained on the Agile system to obtain data from survey/interviews on their response to Agile’s system. The results were that Agile’s system provided critical school, student and teacher information, by gender, by geography, and by other parameters needed to monitor MDG, Vision 2020, Education Policy and Strategic Plans. Information linked electronically using our current ICT infrastructure - no improvements/alterations/enhancements were necessary. Agile’s system linked data in aggregated and disaggregated form, by the Key Performance Indicators for decentralized decision-making. The results of training at school and district level was that

• 100% stated that EMIS/SAMS improves efficiency in Academic Evaluation, Monitoring and evaluation in schools, report Compliance, and Ease of Communication to Parents and MINEDUC
• 100% stated that training on School-Based EMIS/SAMS is Top Priority for their own personal Professional Development
• 100% wanted the implementation in all of the national schools now. For our national EMIS implementation, Agile is building capacity at ministry and district levels first for ICT and change agency training, and to ensure that ownership/sustainability measures are in place at the Ministry level. EMIS will be installed in all 30 districts offices and all district managers will be trained in the next 15 months, while concurrent training is taking place at school levels to facilitate school implementation.”

Mr. Claver YISA,
Director of Planning, Policies and Capacity Building,
Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)

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