Agile Solutions recognition and recommendations


Agile Learning completed the localization of the Agile EMIS for the Zanzibar Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT). Level 1 training was completed the MOEVT’s EMIS division completed the data entry of all of its schools into the Agile EMIS for its initial usage of the Agile EMIS for M&E and planning. Mr. Khalid Wazir, head of the EMIS division at MOEVT, commented: “The Ministry is happy with the EMIS Development, and the EMIS staff are also happy that the system is now in place and they can all use the system.” (December 2012)


Ms. Monica Githaiga of UIS commented: “As part of UIS-UNESCO regular activities in Zanzibar, I was at the Zanzibar Ministry of Education just before Easter holidays on 2nd April. Ministry colleagues attached to the planning/statistics/EMIS department in Zanzibar were undergoing training on the Agile EMIS system which is being developed by Agile Learning Company. Mr. Wazir (Ministry of Education) invited UNESCO to observe. From my observation, a lot of progress has been made in the development of EMIS - the tool is especially user friendly, innovative, and will provide solutions at the school, regional, district and national levels. I think the EMIS tool will prove useful in supporting the generation of sector wide education statistics and indicators (statistical abstract) which the Ministry of Education hopes to embark on this year.” (April 2012)


Uganda Ministry of Education

The Uganda Ministry of Education & Sports and its Stakeholders participated in a Stocktaking exercise of the EMIS Enhancement Project. During the Ministry’s presentation of the current status of the project, MOES stated: “The project has already delivered a very important improvement to MOES EMIS activities. This is mainly due to the development and installation of the new EMIS-GIS software [by Agile Learning] which provides significantly more functionalities than the two previous EMIS solutions used by the Ministry. The EMIS-GIS was delivered in August of 2010, reviewed and accepted by MOES and AED between September and December of 2010 (based on the Requirements defined during Phase 1). The EMIS-GIS solution has already demonstrated its value. Usage of the new EMIS was successful in the initial provision of the data and reports that were successfully used for the recent JAF. We look forward to working with software team in maximizing the value of the EMIS/DEMIS solution it has developed for usage at the Ministry and its full deployment in all the nation’s districts.” (Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports - February 2011)

Uganda District Education Officers

Agile Learning Company trained District Chief Administrative Officers, District Education Officers, District Planning Officers and District Inspectors on using the District Education Management Information Systems (DEMIS). District Personnel participated in the training on the usage of the District EMIS-GIS solution that was developed by Agile Learning Company for the Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports. District personnel were trained on the skills needed to use the District EMIS-GIS developed by Agile Learning Company and this will be used for monitoring and evaluation, planning and decision making at their District Offices. 100% of the trainees wrote that the District EMIS was user-friendly, would increase their efficiency and substantially improve their readiness for Monitoring & Evaluation, Information Sharing and Decision Making. “Instant Data generating using this package sets a standard for development of other badly need data infrastructure in other departments in districts”, wrote one Senior District Official.


“The Rwanda NEPAD Secretariat wishes to state that the NEPAD e-Schools Project has provided a significant benefit to Rwanda, in that, through the activities of the project, the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) was able to become aware of Agile Learning’s innovative ICT administration and management system. Through Agile’s activities in the NEPAD project as part of the Cisco and Microsoft consortiums, and the relationship that Agile developed with Mineduc, Mineduc made the decision to have Agile develop, provide the training and implement the National Education Management Information System (EMIS). The National EMIS system is the backbone for school, district and national administration and management, monitoring and evaluation and strategic planning for all education activities in Rwanda. There is nothing like a success story to validate a project. Congratulations to the e-Africa Commission/NEPAD Secretariat for your efforts in the project and your success in bringing critical solution providers to NEPAD active countries, and congratulation to the Cisco, Microsoft consortiums and Agile Learning for your efforts here in Rwanda.” (April 2008)

Executive Secretary Rwanda
NEPAD Secretariat
Office of the President Republic of Rwanda

“Our national EMIS Solution Provider is the Agile Learning Company, a recognized innovator in public sector management information systems. Agile is also highly recognized for their training and building capacity in ICT in education. For our implementation, Critical School Data from 2 separate districts was input into Agile’s system for electronic linkage to districts and ministry; no alteration, improvement or enhancements were made to our current ICT infrastructure in order to carry out the data linkage. School heads and district managers were selected and trained on the Agile system to obtain data from survey/interviews on their response to Agile’s system. The results were that Agile’s system provided critical school, student and teacher information, by gender, by geography, and by other parameters needed to monitor MDG, Vision 2020, Education Policy and Strategic Plans. Information linked electronically using our current ICT infrastructure - no improvements/alterations/enhancements were necessary. Agile’s system linked data in aggregated and disaggregated form, by the Key Performance Indicators for decentralized decision-making. The results of training at school and district level was that
• 100% stated that EMIS/SAMS improves efficiency in Academic Evaluation, Monitoring and evaluation in schools, report Compliance, and Ease of Communication to Parents and MINEDUC
• 100% stated that training on School-Based EMIS/SAMS is Top Priority for their own personal Professional Development
• 100% wanted the implementation in all of the national schools now. For our national EMIS implementation, Agile is building capacity at ministry and district levels first for ICT and change agency training, and to ensure that ownership/sustainability measures are in place at the Ministry level. EMIS will be installed in all 30 districts offices and all district managers will be trained in the next 15 months, while concurrent training is taking place at school levels to facilitate school implementation.” (March 2008)

Mr. Claver YISA,
Director of Planning,
Policies and Capacity Building,
Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)

“Agile Learning successfully completed the training sessions at the Mochudi Ministry of Education Media Centre, training the representatives (School Heads, Deputy School Heads, Heads of Department, and IT Coordinators) from the schools selected by Ministry to participate in the UNDP/SACI Agile Learning Project. Installations of SAMS have been completed at each of the schools that participated in the Project. Additional training took place with representatives from the participating MOE schools at each of their schools. Critical sample Annual Report, EMIS and MDG data was input by representative of each of the Participating schools, and successfully electronically lined from the participating schools to the Ministry of Education via SAMS and the SAMS Central Governance Solution for review by Education statistics representatives, Monitoring and Evaluation representatives and Deputy Permanent Secretary. With the linkage of the data from the schools to the Ministry, the pilot phase of the project was extremely successful and has been completed.” (Ministry of Education Project Manager, Education Research Unit, Botswana Ministry of Education – April 2007)

“Agile’s SAMS solution will most thoroughly address the issue of data management, strategic planning, evaluation and monitoring for the Ministry of Education and our schools.” Botswana Ministry of Education Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Permanent Secretary (September 2005)

“For the last few weeks, we have been participating in the UNDP/Agile Learning SAMS Workshops, which has included training at the Mochudi Media Center and follow up training at our individual schools…The Agile SAMS solution has had a very strong impact on all of our participating school Leaders, Heads of Department, and IT Coordinators. We urgently need this solution for our schools, and the Agile SAMS needs to be implemented as soon as possible. The real-time information SAMS improves:

• Our ability to monitor and improve academic activities in each of our schools;
• Our teachers’ ability to be more effective in their classrooms;
• Our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently between schools, and with the Ministry of Education offices and representatives;
• Our ability to comply with providing the real-time EMIS information the Ministry needs in a timely fashion.

We are confident that the other schools in our nation will benefit greatly from the implementation and train of the SAMS so that this becomes a national solution; we wholeheartedly endorse a national implementation of this much needed solution.” (March 2007 – The School and Deputy School Leaders Participating in the UNDP/Agile Learning SAMS Training Workshops)

United Nations Development Programme Southern Africa Capacity Initiative (UNDP-SACI)

"UNDP and Agile Learning Company have formed a Strategic Partnership to implement Agile's ICT solutions - SAMS and SAMS Central - in the Education sector in SACI countries. Their School Administration and Management Systems (SAMS and SAMS Central) can also be adapted to other key sectors such as Health, Agriculture and Public Service. UNDP/SACI has chosen the SAMS as an ICT solution because it provides governments with the most innovative and comprehensive technology applications that will foster success in our Capacity utilization programs. It will also enhance capacity in education, other key public sectors, and the implementation of Millennium Development Goals via real-time data collection, reporting and evaluation and monitoring for efficient management and strategic planning, for enhanced service delivery." (Director of UNDP-SACI Program, April 2006)


“Agile Learning Company’s Education Management Solutions hae been selected by Microsoft as a Best Practices ICT solution for Governments.” (April 2008 – Microsoft Chairman for Africa)

We have selected you because of the high regard your company and SAMS solutions are held in the education community. We have betted your company via: Examination and endorsement of SAMS by Microsoft’s Education management members who formerly directed Provincial Education Technology departments in South Africa and worked with and analyzed your solution for 18 months in the development and reconfiguration of your solution for their Province: Comments and written support from educational Ministers and department that have indicated the excellent quality of your solution; NEPAD e-School Project Coordinator Peter Kinyanjui’s very favourable vetting of your solution at last years’ All-Africa Ministers’ Education Conference in Cape Town,; Agile personnel’s extensive leadership experience in educational systemic reform. – (Microsoft NEPAD e-Schools Coordinator November 2004)

South Africa – Western Cape Education Department

“For the past 18 months Agile learning have been closely collaborating with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in the development of a computerized schools administration and management system (SAMS). The system that they have developed complies with and in some instances exceeds the specification that were given to them. They are one of two developers whose product was able to deliver the 2004 Snap Survey and other EMIS data to the WCED in electronic format. Agile Learning has been involved in our SAMS Project from the beginning and have always made very valuable contributions to the development of our system…they can be recommended as a company that will persevere and provide you with a solution that will meet your needs.” (Western Cape Education Department Director of Information & Technological Services - May 2004)

Agile Solutions Offerings

Agile Selected for Tanzania and Zanzibar Schools Implementation.

Agile Learning Company selected to participate in Tanzania 21st Century Basic Education Program.


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