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ICT Development, Localization, Integration & Implementation

Since 2003, Agile Learning has implemented its Education ERP solution, AgileEMIS, for Ministries of Education and their stakeholders. Localized versions of AgileEMIS have been implemented at the National, Regional, District and Individual School Level for improved assessment, monitoring and evaluation, planning, policy formation and review, and information sharing.

- Agile Learning’s integrated & decentralized AgileEMIS Solution (School/District/Regional/National EMIS) was selected by Microsoft as a “Microsoft Best Practice ICT Solution for Governments”. 

- Agile has been selected by USAID as an Education Global Development Alliance Partner. 

- UNDP selected Agile’s integrated decentralized EMIS solution as  “most comprehensive and innovative” for their Southern Africa Capacity Initiative. 

Specialized Training & Capacity Building

Agile has designed and provided specialized training to thousands of educators and stakeholders on the usage of ICT for national, regional, district & school educators:

- The usage of real-time technology at the national, regional and district level to enhance planning, monitoring and evaluation, resource allocation, interventions

- In the school for overall school management and working with the community, monitoring professional development at the school level and at professional development/teacher resource centers, and 

- In the classroom to support student assessment and academic performance.

Needs Assessment Consultancy, Support & Skills Transfer

-  Executing National Needs Assessments on EMIS and ICT programs based upon the Ministry of Education’s Vision Statements, Strategic Plan and stated needs; 

- Updates & Upgrades to align to changing education sector priorities & government strategies

- Skills Transfer to educators and ICT managers to support the management of AgileEMIS and other ICT systems for long-term sustainable implementations.

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