· Agile Learning’s integrated & decentralized EMIS (Education Management Information System) Solution (School/District/Regional/National EMIS) was selected by Microsoft as a “Microsoft Best Practice ICT Solution for Governments”. 

· Agile was  selected by USAID as an “Education Global Development Alliance Partner”; 

· UNDP selected Agile’s integrated school to national ICT solutions as the “most comprehensive and innovative” for their programs in Southern Africa.

Agile Learning Company has demonstrated success in the following areas:

1. Educational Software Development & Localization 

· Customized localization and reconfiguration of the decentralized AgileEMIS solution to strengthen real-time M&E, planning, policy formation, and review at the national, regional, district and school level; 

- Integrated Learner Management System 

- Agile's solutions are integrated with GIS functionalities; 

- Agile’s mobile school-based technology solutions address infrastructure challenges and provide real-time data collection and reporting – from the school to the district, region, and national levels.

2. Specialized Training  

Specialized training and skills transfer on the usage of technology at the national, regional, district and school level for planning, assessment, resource allocation, and real-time interventions.

3. Capacity Building  

Working with stakeholders, at the National Ministry, Regional, and District level to mainstream the usage of EMIS/ICT into ministry and education sector structures.

4. Installation and Support  

Installation of technology at the school, cluster, district, regional and national level for national programs related to ICT programs.

5. National Needs Assessment Consultancies 

Consultancies to national ministries of education and development partners in aligning EMIS and ICT implementations to education sector and national strategic plans.

6. School-based implementations 

At the school level, implement innovative technology solutions to support classroom management, the monitoring and improvement of academic performance, professional development, school management and community related activities.

7. Decentralization 

Reorientation of national EMIS/GIS (or other databases) solutions towards Regional, District, and School-based usage (including communities and parents as principal clients).