“Agile Learning successfully completed the training sessions at the Mochudi Ministry of Education Media Centre, training the representatives (School Heads, Deputy School Heads, Heads of Department, and IT Coordinators) from the schools selected by Ministry to participate in the UNDP/SACI Agile Learning Project. Installations of SAMS have been completed at each of the schools that participated in the Project. Additional training took place with representatives from the participating MOE schools at each of their schools. Critical sample Annual Report, EMIS and MDG data was input by representative of each of the Participating schools, and successfully electronically lined from the participating schools to the Ministry of Education via SAMS and the SAMS Central Governance Solution for review by Education statistics representatives, Monitoring and Evaluation representatives and Deputy Permanent Secretary. With the linkage of the data from the schools to the Ministry, the pilot phase of the project was extremely successful and has been completed.” 

The School and Deputy School Leaders Participating in the PILOT OF THE Agile Decentralized EMIS System:

“For the last few weeks, we have been participating in the UNDP/Agile Learning SAMS Workshops, which has included training at the Mochudi Media Center and follow up training at our individual schools…The Agile SAMS solution has had a very strong impact on all of our participating school Leaders, Heads of Department, and IT Coordinators. We urgently need this solution for our schools, and the Agile SAMS needs to be implemented as soon as possible. The real-time information SAMS improves:

· Our ability to monitor and improve academic activities in each of our schools;

· Our teachers’ ability to be more effective in their classrooms;

· Our ability to communicate effectively and efficiently between schools, and with the Ministry of Education offices and representatives;

· Our ability to comply with providing the real-time EMIS information the Ministry needs in a timely fashion. 

We are confident that the other schools in our nation will benefit greatly from the implementation and train of the SAMS so that this becomes a national solution; we wholeheartedly endorse a national implementation of this much needed solution.” 

(Botswana Ministry of Education Deputy Permanent Secretary for the Permanent Secretary)

“Agile’s SAMS solution will most thoroughly address the issue of data management, strategic planning, evaluation and monitoring for the Ministry of Education and our schools.”