ICT & Development Partners


 1. Microsoft

“Agile Learning Company’s Education Management Solutions have been selected by Microsoft as a Best Practices ICT solution for Governments.” (Announced by Microsoft's Chairman for Africa, Cheikc Diarra)

2. USAID Independent Evaluation of Agile's EMIS II Decentralization Implementation in Uganda:

"Evaluation: Final; Contract Percent Complete: 100; Complexity: Medium ... 

The EMIS II Program has three main objectives: 1) Decentralize Uganda's EMIS through effective roll-out to the district level, 2) Enhance institutional capacity to collect and use EMIS data at MOES headquarters, district local governments and pilot schools, 3) Increase demand for and use of EMIS data at all levels to improve Uganda's education system...The contractor will also provide EMIS-related training and capacity development to MoES staff including those at the headquarter, affiliate institutions, and districts...As part of the EMIS2 Program, the contractor supports the MOES in carrying out a multi-school pilot of innovative data collection technologies. The objective is to examine the potential of data collection technologies to successfully transmit real-time information electronically from schools to district and MOES headquarters and to evaluate the relative effectiveness of the three different transmission methods to determine the viability of their scale-up."

"The contractor [Agile] was focused on rolling out the EMIS to 112 districts, 22 municipalities, and 5 divisions of the capital city... The software will enable the Ministry to process their data in a timely accurate and cost effective manner. 

USAID has reviewed the comments provided by the Contractor and agrees that Agile has provided sufficient additional information that warrants a change from Satisfactory to Very Good due to their ability to manage and adapt to delays in procurement and program rollout by the Ministry of Education...The project was completed on time... 

Given what I know today about the contractor's [Agile's] ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future."

3. United Nations Development Programme Southern Africa Capacity Initiative (UNDP-SACI)

"UNDP and Agile Learning Company have formed a Strategic Partnership to implement Agile's ICT solutions - SAMS and SAMS Central - in the Education sector in SACI countries. Their School Administration and Management Systems (SAMS and SAMS Central) can also be adapted to other key sectors such as Health, Agriculture and Public Service. UNDP/SACI has chosen the SAMS as an ICT solution because it provides governments with the most innovative and comprehensive technology applications that will foster success in our Capacity utilization programs. It will also enhance capacity in education, other key public sectors, and the implementation of Millennium Development Goals via real-time data collection, reporting and evaluation and monitoring for efficient management and strategic planning, for enhanced service delivery." (Director of UNDP-SACI Program)


“As part of UIS-UNESCO regular activities in Zanzibar, I was at the Zanzibar Ministry of Education just before Easter holidays on 2nd April. Ministry colleagues attached to the planning/statistics/EMIS department in Zanzibar were undergoing training on the Agile EMIS system which is being developed by Agile Learning Company. The Ministry of Education invited UNESCO to observe. From my observation, a lot of progress has been made in the development of EMIS - the tool is especially user friendly, innovative, and will provide solutions at the school, regional, district and national levels. I think the EMIS tool will prove useful in supporting the generation of sector wide education statistics and indicators (statistical abstract) which the Ministry of Education hopes to embark on this year.” 

5. Rwanda Permanent Secretary presentation on proposed extension of EMIS by Agile -  "Agile Learning recently completed the development of the Education Management Information System (EMIS; the EMIS they developed has been viewed as extremely impressive b y MINEDUC and its external stakeholders:

a. World Bank - "EMIS is indeed a very impressive system that will be useful for MINEDUC";

b. UNICEF - "EMIS will definitely revolutionize how we develop, implement and monitor policy within the education system;

c. African Development Bank - "I had a work session a few weeks ago on EMIS with Agile at the Ministry of Education and was quite impressed with what they've been doing in Rwanda."