"As you know, the Regional management has already written to you expressing a very strong interest in moving forward with Agile Learning to implement the localized version of your EMIS, after the end of the TZ21 Program. I can now confirm that having just completed this past week's EMIS orientation/training, all Mtwara's District Education and District Focal Persons expressed a similar desire to move forward with the full integration the AgileEMIS system in the Region. The District Management confirmed their interest because of the Agile District EMIS' thoroughness and uniqueness, its ability to import in real time all important academic and compliance information directly from the each school's EMIS from Mtwara Schools. They also strongly expressed their interest in having all schools use your School EMIS for data collection, school management and sending information to the District Officer. 

This is to confirm that the Region wants to continue to work with the Agile in providing the long-term training, technical assistance and long-term integration of Agile's SchoolEMIS, TRC EMIS, District EMIS and Regional EMIS into the Region's management and planning activities, after the TZ21 Program is completed. The region is reporting its recommendation to PMO-RALG and MOEVT regarding the outstanding value of Agile's EMIS."

2. Uganda Districts (20 letters from District Education Officers managing over 6,000 schools):

a. "From the Chief Administrative Officer Mukono District -

I take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Education and Sports together with the Agile District Education Management Information System Company for the Information Technology (IT) innovation in support for the department of Education & Sports in Mukono District Local Government. 

In addition with this new IT innovation, the district is able to receive reports generated from schools on time. Report includes:-school enrollments, pupils and teachers daily attendance and school facilities like water, electricity, etc., which are vital in the day to day management and decision making of the department.

The 21 pilot schools have gained a lot of experience in the management of Aigle School Education Management Information System (SEMIS). This was evidenced in the seminar organized by the Agile Company recently. 

Notwithstanding all that the significance of this communication is to request you to rollout AgileSchool (Education Management Information System) EMIS to all the schools in the District of Mukono Local Government."

b. Kampala City, Division Education Office

"Following the just concluded DEMIS and SMS training activity from Agile, my staff, head teachers and I have gone through from the month of August to today, I wish to request that the SMS program be rolled out in all the schools in Lubaga Division due to its efficiency in tracking teacher and student attendance.

Linked to that I would also request for implementation of the School management Information System (SEMIS) which will help us capture all the detailed information regarding students, parents, infrastructure and other relevant information at school level that would help improve our planning, budgeting and performance in the division." 

3. South Africa Province – Western Cape Education Department (Province)

“For the past 18 months Agile learning have been closely collaborating with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in the development of a computerized schools administration and management system (SAMS). The system that they have developed complies with and in some instances exceeds the specification that were given to them. They are one of two developers whose product was able to deliver the Snap Survey and other EMIS data to the WCED in electronic format. Agile Learning has been involved in our SAMS Project from the beginning and have always made very valuable contributions to the development of our system…they can be recommended as a company that will persevere and provide you with a solution that will meet your needs.” (Western Cape Education Department Director of Information & Technological Services)

4. Philadelphia School District (U.S.)  Director, Special Education Low Incidence Program

Dear Sirs,

I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement in support of Agile Learning Company's life skills program, [which] was used in the Philadelphia School District. Their life skills training program was extremely effective in improving the social, emotional and cognitive skills of at-risk students.

I served as Special Education Administrator for the Southeast Region of the School District of Philadelphia, and I worked with Agile's Dr. Kenneth Gordon and his team during this multi-year implementation. The program was implemented with 25% of our special education population that included children with the most difficult emotional, behavioral and academic problems in the school district. Prior to implementation, none of the students had reading skills above the pre-primer level. The life skills programs taught the students fundamental social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

The outcomes of the life skills program were impressive, behaviorally, and academically. After 2 to 3 years in the program approximately 1/3 of all of the students could be transferred to regular classes because academic skills had increased to grade level and behavioral/social skills had improved. The remaining 2/3 of the students improved in their academic performance at least 1 grade level per year, which they had not been aboe to accomplish. 

Given the increasing number of children who are educationally and socially disabled as a result of their behavioral and emotional impairments, it is critical that Agile's program is offered to reach the broadest number of students."